I am working on a time critical project. I use an optical sensor. I would like to know the initialisation or boot time the sensor after power given which will be in µS. How could I measure that?


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First crucial thing to know is what is your sensor - its part number, to be clear. If your sensor is digital, its initialization time is probably given in the datasheet.

If you are using analog one, check datasheet too - settling time might be one of values documented. If you can't find anything in the datasheet, you can perform simple test using oscilloscope:

  1. Place sensor in some stable state, ie. looking at uniform surface from a fixed position,
  2. Connect the probe to analog output of the sensor and probing ground to sensor's ground,
  3. Set oscilloscope to single trigger mode,
  4. Power up the sensor.

That way you can observe analog voltage rising from zero to some value, determining its initial settling time.

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