I try to implement a Kalman Filter for speed estimation with a rotary encoder. What I can measure ist the absolute position and I try to estimate the angular velocity.

A paper I found is the following: http://www.diegm.uniud.it/petrella/Azionamenti%20Elettrici%20II/Tesine/Petrella%20et%20al.%20-%20Speed%20Measurement%20Algorithms%20for%20Low-Resolution%20Incremental%20Encoder%20Equipped%20Drives_a%20Comparative%20Analysis.pdf


Now there is an implementation of the Kalman Filter, but I'm not sure how I use the input here, which is the acceleration a. The state number 3 is also the acceleration, so how are this two acceleration related? Can I implement the Kalman Filter for speed estimation, when I only have the absolute positioning information?

  • $\begingroup$ Do you mind estimating the angular position as well? $\endgroup$ – holmeski Sep 18 '18 at 21:12

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