In testing my iRobot Create 2, I discovered that the following message is being sent periodically over the serial interface: " Flash CRC successful: 0x0 (0x0)". Is this expected behavior or am I making an error in the way I'm connecting? I could not find this message documented anywhere.

To reproduce this: iRobot Create 2 connected to a Windows 10 PC via the USB-Serial cable. Connecting via Putty at 115200 baud. Type ctrl-G to reboot the robot. I'll see the normal reboot message, then after a few minutes, the robot sends the above Flash CRC message.

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Yes, Create 2 displays all kinds of internal debugging messages in plain text when it is not in an open interface mode. (For a less obtuse one, try putting it on the dock while you are connected to the serial port!) These will go away once you enter OI mode (op code 128).

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