I am new to such industrial motors. I searched through the datasheets of these motors ( analogue and digital ) and didn't get clear answer about how I would be able control with MCU like Arduino or processor like Raspi. How should I approach to control these motors and take input from encoder and what should I look for in the datasheets to get an idea about controlling and giving commands to these motors ? I have uploaded the terminal input/output of these motors :-

1.Analogue encoder motor

2.Digital encoder motor

3.Motion control I2C

It says "The I2C interface on the RMCS-220x will receive the command variable number followed by the value that should be written to it."

1.Input terminals of Motor with analogue encoder

2.Input Terminals of motor with digital encoder

enter image description here

  • what information do you see in the two tables that you posted? .... which part do you not understand? – jsotola Aug 10 at 15:25
  • @jsotola What I see is the pins responsible for Position control and motion are Pin 2-5 .From the sescription i can make out that pin 2-3 control the position of the motor .I don't know what is I2C clock and what is it's importance for position control. What type of value is responsible for position control. Also does the encoder automatically makes sure whether the motor is at right position like in servo or do i have to take input from pin 2 or 3 to make sure of that ? – Sam Aug 10 at 20:07
  • google I2C or arduino I2C .......... Also does the encoder automatically makes sure whether the motor is at right position ... no idea. you have to refer to the motor datasheet for that sort of information .... it is like asking if a car has an automatic transmission, without specifying which car you are referring to. – jsotola Aug 10 at 22:34
  • @jsotola I have edited my question. – Sam Aug 11 at 9:09

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