I am applying Extended Kalman Filter for a mobile robot with IMU and odometry data. I am running simulation currently. However, I don't have suitable data for odo/IMU measurements to use. Where can I find those information?

Try this dataset, Localization and Mapping Dataset. It will be helpful for your problem.

  • Thanks but I need the data for IMU(which measures three angular velocities and three forces) and odometry which uses wheel data to calculate two velocities , Do you think you can help me with that? – mahsa Jun 9 at 6:38
  • No idea. I am working on this dataset. So I refer this. – Saswati Bhattacharjee Jun 9 at 10:45
  • IMU is very unlikely to produce force output ... Typically IMU reading are 3 angular velocity from gyroscopes and 3 linear accelerations from accelerometers. – N. Staub Jun 15 at 10:08
  • This is a bit of a link only answer. If the link dies then your answer will not be much use. – Greenonline Jul 11 at 7:28

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