I want to, ask is accessing all the serial devices/sensors eg. RS-422, RS-232 done in same way? And also is accessing all the devices in market with ethercat connection can be done in same way? For example i'm planning to use rtnet part of xenomai frameword to control motors in hard real time with ethercat protocol. I'm little confused that will the same piece of code written to control one device/actuator through ethercat, rtnet work for all other actuators with ethercat connectivity?

For example i found out that the sensors i.e ir laser finders, thermal cameras which i have planned to use in my robotics project has rs-422 and rs-232 connectivity. so if i write one program to read data from one model of sensor that will it work for all other sensor which provides serial connectivity mentioned above?

Since till now i've only worked with simulation and controller part of robot(in gazebo and ros+orocos) i've to say i'm really new for this type of sensors and actuators. i've used gpio for motor and sensor access but since my project is intended for real life application, now iv'e to use the hardwares which have above types of connections.


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