I am trying to launch a file from remote computer but I could not success. Actually I can connect to remote computer but I think the problem is with including a file from remote computer. In other words, I am looking for a machine tag for include. Here is the my code:


    <group >
      <machine name="marvin-1" address="tek-marvin-1" user="blabla" password="blabla" env-loader="/home/blabla/.rosLaunchScript.sh"/>  

      <include file="$(find openni_launch_marvin)/launch/kinect_left.launch"/>

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A better approach would be to first ssh into the remote computer. In the remote terminal, run

export MASTER_URI = http://IP_address_master:Port_number

where IP_address_master should be the IP address of the computer on which you want to run the master node. IP address could either be of your local machine or remote computer. Port_number is the port of your master node (generally it is 11311). On the same terminal, run

export ROS_IP = IP_address_remote

where IP_address_remote is the IP of your remote computer. In the terminal of your local machine (not the one where you are running ssh from), run the following commands:

export MASTER_URI = http://IP_address_master:Port_number
export ROS_IP = IP_address_local

where, IP_address_master and Port_number is same as above but IP_address_local should be the IP address of your local computer.

Now, you are ready to launch the file from your remote terminal. Your no longer require a separate launch file. In the ssh terminal, run the launch file kinect_left.launch directly as:

roslaunch openni_launch_marvin kinect_left.launch
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