Hi all ,

i got stuck in a problem and really need your help.

Goal: I want to move little Toy vehicle autonomously (localization and mapping) and want to get distance covered by vehicle using DSO in real time. For now i want to move vehicle in square of 2x2 meters using dso_ros.

Work Done: I'm getting coordinates of live camera by using dso_ros, I'm getting a matrix (camToWorld.matrix 3x4() in publishPoseCam SampleOutputWrapper.h), where first 3x3 is for rotations and last 3x1 is for translation(x,y,z if i'm not wrong). When i move camera straight forward from any position then i got change in X-coordiante (it starts from 0.000 and ends on 0.7 when camera moved 2 meters forward ). Then i stopped it and take turn and move forward for 2 meters and so on (to draw square of 2x2 meters).

Problem: When i take first turn (left/right) and then move it forward then no one coordinate gets change or update, dso gives me coordinates continuously but with very minor changes. I don't know which coordinate now i have to use to calculate distance after taking turn, so i get lost when i take first turn and not be able to draw square. Please help me with this and guide me where i am wrong, I shall be very very thankful to you. I have been stuck in it from past 2 weeks.


  • $\begingroup$ a general advice, in such cases you need a through debug (if you fully understand the system) ,and what will be a big save of your time is a Great IDE and Plug-ins , also Great Googling,.. $\endgroup$ – Yasin Yousif Jul 3 '18 at 18:43

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