I have one of the iRobot Create generation one models. Model 4400. It has been in a box for years. It came with software, Programmers Notepad and Win AVR. Of course these are now really old versions and when I try to compile the simple example code included it gives errors. (Specifically: input.c:235: fatal error: opening dependency file .dep/input.o.d: No such file or directory if I try to Clean it, it tries to use "rm" and fails saying it couldn't start the program).

So my question is, are these tools specific to the processor that is in the Create? Is there some other set of tools I can use on my Win 10 machine to program this thing? Should I update Win AVR and Programmers Notepad.

I see references to Artmel? I am currently at the idiot level of trying to compile one of the small C programs that came with the unit and move it to the Create.


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