The paper A Feedforward Control Approach to the Local Navigation Problem for Autonomous Vehicles by Alonzo Kelly uses the term actuation space.

Feedforward solves the historically significant clothoid generation problem trivially. C space combinatoric explosion is solved by planning in actuation space.

I have attempted to search for this term via Google. However, I can only find applications of actuation spaces—not what an actual space actually is.

A definition or source for further investigation would be greatly appreciated.


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after reading this ... there are mentions of task-space, state-space, configuration-space, etc


then this link ...


contains this text ...

As explained in the previous section, the shape sensing system consists of a set of three electro-conductive yarn threads with the resistances [R1(s1), R2(s2), R3(s3)]. As a linear function can be defined describing the relation between the resistance and the length of the yarn thread within the elongation interval [0;156%], it is possible to continuously calculate and update the length of the three threads [s1, s2, s3]. These actuation space variables are now used to obtain the arc parameters as shown in Figure 5 and Equations 1-3 [16].

I may very well be wrong about this, but to me it implies that "actuation space" is collection of entities or variables that relate to the physical world in which the robot operates and includes the robot itself. (there is probably a better way to word it though)


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