I am currently working on a project that requires me to obtain depth information and point cloud map of objects in an indoor environment ( roughly twice the size of a normal room). I would like to know -

  1. Would a set of >=2 stereo cameras (manually calibrated wireless sricam SP019 IP cameras) be a good choice to produce a map for the entire room ? I will be using OpenCV 3.3.1 for the calibration and depth mapping.

  2. If I wanted to increase the range of my stereo pair, would I have to -

    a) increase the baseline distance and keep them parallel ? There is some discussion here about the baseline and it's effect on accuracy. However, there is no mention about the alignment of the two cameras.

    b) Align them in a tilted fashion to face each other ? Would this be bad for Image rectification ?

What sort of min-max Range can be achieved using >=2 wireless IP cameras in a stereo-vision setup ?

  1. I would like to evaluate accuracy of depth measurements obtained from the IP cameras. I am planning to use Kinect depth images (for short ranges 0.8-5 metres) as a reference.

    What are better commercial solutions for obtaining depth map for longer ranges ? I have seen a few discussions on StereoLabs Zed cameras (see here and here) but none that are convincing enough to make me buy it, as it is quite expensive.

I am aware similar questions like this have been asked but it did not contain any discussion on IP cameras.

I am interested in the personal experience of people who may have done something similar.

Thank you very much for reading.



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