Hello every one hope you all alrigt

I am working on a mecanum wheel robot and now I am facing a problem to afford a lipo battery which the required voltage to power my robot is 12 So I think that I can exploit the 12v adapter to power my robot and I want to know if its possible or no

First I have a cotroller which takes a rated voltage 6v - 12v and rated current 1.5 A

And tow motor drivers with driving voltage of 6 - 12 v and driving current of 8A

My idea is to take an adapter like this one 12v 2A adapter

And connect in parallel with these three chips to power my robot Is that possible ?


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You have to check how much current your power adapter can draw.

If i understand correctly, you need at least 12v 9.5A to make your robot work. (~8A+1.5A).

The kind of power adapter you showed on the picture generally does not provide this much current.


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