I am fairly knowledgeable about robotics programming, and stuff like that; but, I am a total ignorant about how to actually "build" a robot.

My question is: What materials do you recommend to build a robot and where can I buy them. It does not matter what kind of robot. I know that a robotic arm is very different from a mobile robot. I know the theory.

Other than Lego bricks (which I have heard of), I am imaging silicon frames... I really don't know.

I have developed some very fair and nice devices with image processing, computer vision and stuff. I also know how to program several kinds of motors etc. I just don't know how to put all of this inside a nice frame and show it to the world

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  • $\begingroup$ One supplier that has great T Slot aluminum is MB Kit Systems - mbkit.com/profile $\endgroup$
    – Paul
    Commented Nov 6, 2019 at 18:49

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I mentor several FTC (First Tech Challenge) Robotics Teams. These teams build medium size robots (about 50cm cube starting size).

For this size, there are four Building Systems that are the most common

  1. Tetrix
  2. Matrix
  3. Actobotics
  4. 8020 Extrusions (There are lots of other suppliers too)

These solutions are all very flexible allow a large about of options on how to build frames and attach motors, wheels, sensors, etc. and are designed for reuse.

Hotwired Robotics (one of our local FTC teams) wrote a great overview of the different Building Systems.

Shameless Plug

Why not find a First Robotics Team near you and offer to be a help Mentor? You can learn from them how to build a robot and they can learn from you how to program one.


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