Brushless motors, like regular motors, have different parts (commutator, stater, etc).
What do these various parts weigh?


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I took apart a Turnigy D2836 brushless DC motor. Despite the weight listed on the website, the actual weight of the motor without the mounting equipment is 54 Grams.

Here is the breakdown

  • Magnets: 9 grams, 16.7%
  • Bottom Can: 6 grams, 11.1%
  • Top Can: 4.5 grams, 8.33%
  • Main Axle: 1.5 grams, 2.78%
  • Middle can: 9 grams, 16.7%
  • Coils: 6 grams, 11.1%
  • Leads & plugs: 4 grams, 7.41%
  • Ferrite core: 14 grams, 25.93%

This motor is an out-runner, so the bottom can and the ferrite core have a ball bearing that is included in the weight, but I did not measure it separately. This can be used as a guide for other motors.


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