I am able to connect the create 2 robot to my laptop with a serial cable. I am using putty_beta terminal to run. I am not able to key in commands in the terminal. but I am able to receive information from the robot. I want to achieve two way serial connection. What can I do?

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  • Why do you think you don't have two-way serial communication? You definitely are receiving information. Try pressing control+G while in PuTTY; this will send character code 7, which should reset the robot. If the robot resets, you have two-way communication. – Steve May 25 '17 at 2:13

I was not able to send commands just using putty, because putty sends every character individually. You need to write your own code or use something like https://github.com/xa4a/go-roomba to communicate with the roomba

The Roomba expects binary data. When you type in the PuTTY terminal, you are sending ASCII data. For example when you type "128" into the terminal, you are actually sending 3 bytes of data: [49 50 56]. And because many commands of the OI Spec are outside the typeable ASCII range, using the terminal in this manner won't work.

You should use a programming language such as C, C#, Python, etc. to send the data packet. There are many libraries for the Create2 freely available online.

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