I am looking at the possibility of using LIDAR to do obstacle avoidance for a robotics project I am working on but the project involves avoiding a chain link fence. Has anyone used LIDAR to detect fences and if so how well did it work? Thanks for your help.


In my experience depending on the point density and the distance to the fence you will see noise where the fence is but it will be far from a flat wall.

You can do some basic math, finding the width of a square in your fence and taking that over the width of the wire used in the fence. you can find the probability of a lidar point "hitting" the fence.

Divide by the total number of points pointed toward the fence, and you can get a rough idea of how many returns from the fence you will get.

If you predict around 10 that would probably be far too small to get a good return, shoot for at least 100-300 depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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