I have an old gamecube that doesn't work and I want to gut it and fill it with Arduino boards and/or Raspberry Pi if necessary. I want the project to eventually have some kind of AI aspect, but I'm also toying with the idea of using a wireless GameCube remote and wavebird to issue commands at the push of a button.

I guess this would be mostly good for testing purposes, but I'm mostly curious if and how I would go about making my RaspberryPi understand Gamecube remote input. Furthermore, would this kind of idea be feasible?


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If you can convert the GameCube interface to be a USB game controller, this should go fairly smoothly. I used to buy used USB Xbox and Playstation2 controllers to control our underwater vehicles, and use Python's pygame library for joystick support to read the input from it.

joysticking in the ocean joysticking with live video

Pygame makes it pretty easy. For example, this script to show joystick position.


Yes, it's definitely feasible. I realize this won't be a "complete" answer according to the rules here, but either way here's some links to point you in the (hopefully) right direction:

Rather complete tutorial on making a GameCube controller to USB converter

The same adapter ready to go for $30CAD

Short forum discussion about GameCube serial interface


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