Am building a device that will use two stepper motors and a servo. One of the main requirements, is that the on-board battery cannot exceed 9.6 volts. The stepper motors have not been picked yet, and thus I have the option of choosing one with a lower voltage.

Which method would be the best:

  • Use two 12v stepper motors with a 9.6 volt battery, and simply have them run at lower voltage.
  • Or, Use two 12v steppers, and use a DC to DC voltage booster to increase voltage to 12v. ( I don't know how well this would work, regarding constant current and whatnot.)
  • Or, Use two 6v steppers, and use a ~6v battery. (Not fond of this idea, as 6v steppers seem to have much different specs than normal Nema17 12v ones. However, I would still use them if needed.)

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I use Step-Up breakouts from SparkFun and Pololu all the time. They provide a consistent, continuous flow at the desired voltage. I recommend this one, or if you need more than 1.4A current than this one. Beware that these components can be easily damaged by heat, and too much will damage the Step-Up, causing it to actually lower the voltage. As long as you don't burn the thing it will provide more than useful.


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