In my project, there are two types of servos ( 6v and 12v supply needs ). I need to power with the same battery. How should I go about it? Use a 6v battery with a step-up voltage regulator? How does that impact the battery power calculations? If voltage regulator should be used please recommend one. Thanks Ro


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Sticking with a 6 volt battery would require you to use something like a boost converter, but the current to the servos would go down as a result. Current lowers in your circuit due to the increase in voltage as the equation P=V*I must be satisfied, where your P (power) is constant.

It will most likely be easier to use a 12 volt battery with a voltage regulatory to step down to 6 volts.

Assuming you wont go over 1.5A on the 6V motor, you can use something like this:



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