I want to apply force to an object in ROS2 Gazebo but "/gazebo/apply_body_wrench" service is not available in ros2 service list. After adding "libgazebo_ros_force.so" plugin to URDF following the syntax described here as:

<plugin filename="libgazebo_ros_force.so" name="gazebo_ros_force">

I am getting the the following new services in ``ros2 service list```:

             Service                                       Type

/ball_spawner/describe_parameters           rcl_interfaces/srv/DescribeParameters
/ball_spawner/get_parameter_types           rcl_interfaces/srv/GetParameterTypes
/ball_spawner/get_parameters                rcl_interfaces/srv/GetParameters
/ball_spawner/get_type_description          type_description_interfaces/srv/GetTypeDescription
/ball_spawner/list_parameters               rcl_interfaces/srv/ListParameters
/ball_spawner/set_parameters                rcl_interfaces/srv/SetParameters
/ball_spawner/set_parameters_atomically     rcl_interfaces/srv/SetParametersAtomically

But I am unable to find "/gazebo/apply_body_wrench" service in this list.



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