I have an MCAP file, which I want to convert to ROS (or other storage formats). I couldn't find any documentation online. Is there any github project available. Any help is appreciated.


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Maybe mcap-etl will help:

Presently, mcap_etl supports the following conversions:

  • From .mcap to .bag
  • From .mcap to TimescaleDB

Install with

pip install mcap-etl

There is also

rosbag2_storage_mcap (or the current repo rosbag2_storage_mcap)

Use MCAP files with regular ros2 bag commands by adding the --storage mcap option (abbreviated as -s mcap):

$ ros2 bag record -s mcap /topic1 /topic2 ... 
$ ros2 bag play -s mcap path/to/your_recording.mcap
$ ros2 bag info -s mcap path/to/your_recording.mcap



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