The following error can occur when doing constrained motion planning

More than 80% of the sampled goal states fail to satisfy the constraints imposed on the goal sampler. Is the constrained sampler working correctly?


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One possible cause for this is if the goal tolerance is looser than the imposed constraint.

e.g. setting a goal tolerance of 0.01 while having a path constraint require the end effector to lie within a box/line of dimensions 0.001

    shape_msgs::msg::SolidPrimitive line;
    line.type = shape_msgs::msg::SolidPrimitive::BOX;
    line.dimensions = {5.0, 0.001, 0.001}; // must be twice the desired distance

    geometry_msgs::msg::Pose line_pose;
    line_constraint.weight = 1.0;
    moveit_msgs::msg::Constraints line_constraints;

The solution is to make sure the goal tolerance is less than or equal to the path constraint


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