Because my computer could only run Ubuntu 22.04, it seems like I could only install ros noetic from source. But I have a little concern, if I want to install any package in the future, do I need to build every packages from source? Or will the sudo apt install ros-packages command still work once I successfully install ros noetic?

Thank you!

Thank you @Marcus for answering my question! I don't why I cannot comment, so I will write it up here. I did not know the docker would be so convenient! But I saw there might be some performance issue when using docker. I am going to use gazebo, will there be any performance issue if I run gazebo with docker?

Thanks again!

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  • $\begingroup$ As @Marcus mentioned in the answer, docker can be a good solution. It will not limit the performance. You can also use Nvidia graphic capability with docker. Here is a good example of vscode and devcontainer with ROS 2. You can easily port to ROS 1 or use simple docker commands from the command line. $\endgroup$
    – aarsht7
    Apr 4 at 12:29

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When you install ROS Noetic from source on Ubuntu 22.04, you'll likely need to install future ROS packages from source as well, because the sudo apt install method is mainly for packages built for Ubuntu 20.04. Some packages might still work if you install them with sudo apt install, but for the best compatibility, especially with newer or more complex packages, building from source will be your go-to method.

A best alternative to avoid compatibility issues is using Docker! Why don't you download a Noetic Docker image ? You will use Ros noetic normally on Ubuntu 22.04 as you as if it were running on Ubuntu 20.04. This method bypass a any OS compatibility issues

docker pull ros:noetic-robot

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