I'm running some C++ unit tests in CI with

catkin run_tests my_pkg

I wanted to collect the unit tests' output (INFO or higher), similar to when we run

rostest my_pkg my_test.test --text

I've tried looking into XML files, but they don't have console output:

[ROSTEST]Running test [test_battery_exchange]
[1msetting /run_id to 8b27aca8-e077-11ee-b501-dc214839b96c[0m
[ROSTEST]running test test_battery_exchange
[1mprocess[test_battery_exchange-1]: started with pid [288742][0m
[1m[test_battery_exchange-1] process has finished cleanly
log file: /home/rr/.ros/log/8b27aca8-e077-11ee-b501-dc214839b96c/test_battery_exchange-1*.log[0m
[ROSTEST]test [test_battery_exchange] finished

That log file, though, /home/rr/.ros/log/8b27aca8-e077-11ee-b501-dc214839b96c/test_battery_exchange-1-stdout.log, does contain what I want:

[ INFO] [1710251488.686978957] [/test_battery_exchange ros.oks_alica.queryForBEC vector<oks_alica::Location> oks_alica::BatteryHandler::queryForBEC 91]: Discovered BEC at x: 1 y: 1 floor: 2
[ INFO] [1710251488.686988677] [/test_battery_exchange ros.oks_alica QueryForBEC::run 32]: Found Battery Exchange location at x: 5 y: 5 floor: 2

I'm not sure how I'd use catkin_test_results to capture these, it just shows me a summary of the test. I have also tried directly outputting to console, but no luck there either.



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