I'm trying to increase the re-planning frequency of Nav2's A* global planner from 1 Hz to 10 Hz. In order to do this, I changed the expected_planner_frequency parameter from 1.0 to 10.0 in the planner_server section of nav2_params.yaml.

However, running ros2 topic hz on the global planner still shows a re-planning frequency of 1 Hz. Looking a little more into the code, it seems like changing expected_planner_frequency only affects whether a warning message will be displayed if the planner server is unable to compute a global path within 1/expected_planner_frequency seconds, and doesn't actually affect the global planner's re-planning frequency (i.e. the number of times it actually computes a path from start to goal each second).

As such, I wanted to ask how I can update the global planner's re-planning frequency. Is it a parameter I can set in nav2_params.yaml or do I need to modify the XML files that control Nav2's behavior tree? Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks.


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Its in the behavior tree XML. The BT is where the navigation behavior is defined and customizable. The current default has a RateController over the planner to limit it to a fixed rate (1 hz), though you can use any other type of BT logic to define replanning events.


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