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I'm learning kuka krc robot language, so far so good, and am wondering if there is an IDE for writing the code i want to program to the robot, something like

  1. giving me suggestions if I mistype a variable
  2. that suggest me methods available in the kuka language
  3. maybe let me debug the code etc etc

any option?


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There is the official option which you can by from Kuka. It is called Kuka Office. I am not sure about variable suggestions, but this can be used for debugging.

There is also orange edit (currently in free beta) which many Kuka programmers use. This does have variable suggestions and also suggestions for methods/variables available in the Kuka language.

Another soluton is to use notepad++ withe the KRL language plugins. This will give you variable suggestions (only your variables) and syntax highlighting and formatting.

  • $\begingroup$ Indeed, it does not get much better than OfficeLite and a decent text editor for ordinary Kuka robots. Here is syntax highlighting and autoindentation for emacs as well: github.com/tommyolofsson/krl-mode $\endgroup$ – tommyo Oct 25 '16 at 19:12

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