I have installed ROS2 humble + Gazebo harmonic for playing with Ardupilot.

Now I want to follow several tutorials to make myself more familiar with ROS2.

One asks me to install packages like ros-humble-gazebo-* which leads to installing gazebo.

In the package manager I see this gz-harmonic is installed: enter image description here

I doubt that installing gazebo could break gz-harmonic installation. Am I right? Could you please point to the explanation of how packages are related to each other? Could they be deprecated by chance?


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I strongly suggest you to read the official Gazebo installation instruction here.

It basically says that gz-garden and gazebo-classic (what you called gazebo) cannot coexist on the same machine. So you may want to uninstall gz-harmonic if you want to follow some gazebo-classic tutorials.

Warning Anyway, notice that if you install the ros-humble-gz-* stuff, you are installing the packages for gz-fortress, which may lead to unexpected behaviors due to compatibility issues between versions. You may want to install those packages from sources by looking the official repository of the package.


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