I know how to list ROS 2 services using the following command:

ros2 service list

I also know that we can display the QoS properties of a ROS 2 topic using the following command:

ros2 topic info -v <topic_name>

Is there a similar way I could display the QoS profile of a ROS 2 service?

Moreover, I am using ROS 2 C++ library function "create_service" to create a ROS 2 service node.

Is there any C++ library function that would return the QoS property of a ROS 2 service, given the service name as an input?

For example the "get_publishers_info_by_topic()" return the topic endpoint information about publishers on a given topic.

Any kind of help is much appreciated.



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Mr. Tomoya has implemented a ROS2 AI (openAI ROS2 based API) which can answer some questions about QoS and ros2 related to your application. You might be interested in it.

There is a nice tutorial video:


I still did not try, but seems interesting and maybe can help you in your needs.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you Marcus! I will try to use the API you suggested. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 7 at 12:39

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