As stated by the title, is there a way I can access to the python API documentation of the Open Manipulator package? Right now all I can find are service definition such as:


Which has the following info:

Example service definition

But I don't know how to call it in Python, nor what's the definition of kinematics_pose.

I managed to get one example from here: https://github.com/DougUOW/om_service_call_examples/blob/master/src/single_movement.py

import rospy
import sys
from open_manipulator_msgs.srv import SetJointPosition, SetJointPositionRequest

goal_joint_space_path_service_client = rospy.ServiceProxy('/goal_joint_space_path', SetJointPosition)
goal_joint_space_path_request_object = SetJointPositionRequest()

goal_joint_space_path_request_object.planning_group = 'arm'
goal_joint_space_path_request_object.joint_position.joint_name = ['joint1', 'joint2', 'joint3', 'joint4']
goal_joint_space_path_request_object.joint_position.position = [0.0, -1, 0.3, 0.7]
goal_joint_space_path_request_object.joint_position.max_accelerations_scaling_factor = 1.0
goal_joint_space_path_request_object.joint_position.max_velocity_scaling_factor = 1.0
goal_joint_space_path_request_object.path_time = 2.0

rospy.loginfo("Doing Service Call...")

result = goal_joint_space_path_service_client(goal_joint_space_path_request_object)

print result

But as you can see, it's using some library definitions (SetJointPosition and SetJointPositionRequest) which I have trouble at finding.

So in short, are you supposed to get a pattern on your own or is there an actual documentation for this?

By "get a pattern" I meant for example for Kinematics, I'd import SetKinematicsPose and SetKinematicsPoseRequest.



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