I hope someone can help me with my problem. First of all, my setup:

PC: Connected to Raspberry Pi's hotspot (PC-IP:

Raspberry Pi: Creates a Hotspot ( and connected to Wifi ( and connected to a Jetson Nano over Ethernet ( also forwards Internet connection

Jetson Nano: Running ROS2 in a Docker. Works well. Topics are visible. (It is a Unitree Go1). IP of the Jetson: Also has Internet connection shared by the Raspberry Pi

Now I want to see the topics on my PC. I tried to export the ROS DOMAIN ID. It does not work. I think I have a very special setup and don't know how to fix it.

What I have tried:

sudo ip route add <Jetson IP (> via <Raspberry Pi IP ( dev <WIFI interface name>.

This allows me to ping the Jetson Nano from my PC, but still... no topics.



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