I want to develop and test adaptive path planning algorithms for AUVs or also USVs.

So far I did this in ROS1 with the UUV Simulator and especially the uuv_plume_simulator.

Now I am looking for ways to do this in ROS2.

I managed to get a simulation of an AUV working with ROS2 Humble and Gazebo Ignition but I couldn't find a solution comparable to the UUV Plume Simulator.

Are there Gazebo (Ignition/Garden/Harmonic) Plugins or Projects that already deal with the simulation of the distribution of water properties like salinity/turbidity/temperature or the simulation of freshwater/hotwater/oil/particle spill or plumes? Ideally these properties would be also influenced by currents.

So far i only came across the EnvironmentPreload Plugin for Gazebo Harmonic but it seems to only offer the a static distribution of values.

Any recommendations are highly appreciated.


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We did a port of the UUV Plume Simulator Package to Ros2 and it is available here:



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