I am currently simulating a mobile robot, and I control its movements using the teleop keyboard node. Upon loading the robot model in both Gazebo and Rviz, the initial orientation appears consistent in both environments. However, when I initiate movement, I encounter a discrepancy in behavior.

In Gazebo, the robot moves along the y-axis, aligning with the expected motion based on wheel rotation. However, in Rviz, as I start moving the robot, it unexpectedly moves along the axis, which is the axis of rotation of the wheels.

Here are images illustrating the issue:

Rviz Visualization: enter image description here

Gazebo Visualization: enter image description here

As you can see, robot moves along the y axis in Gazebo, whereas it moves along x axis in Rviz. There was a similar question previously,Unfortunately, I couldn't understand the specific changes needed in the URDF from that answer.


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Reading your answer and previously mentioned answer it seems that you have to rotate some elements.

According to REP103 front of the mobile robot should be aligned with X-axis. So to fix it, you have to change the rotation in your URDF file. If you have all joint attached to base_link (all joint have <parent link="base_link"> inside <joint>...</joint>, ) you have to add rotation in <joint> markers as rpy ="0 0 1.57" instead of rpy ="0 0 0" which you probably have now. But without knowing the urdf file it's difficult to say if you need some other changes. But that's the start.

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    $\begingroup$ OH , great , thank you so much . Previously i tried rotating the rpy of the links instead of joints to 90deg,which didn't work. Rotating the joints connected to base link worked! $\endgroup$
    – Vishaal
    Commented Jan 5 at 9:08

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