Something seems broken with sourcing workspaces on my machine. This previously worked but seems broken of it's own accord..

OS Ubuntu 22

Building with catkin tools


printenv | grep ROS_PACKAGE

Clean to be sure

catkin clean --yes

Source underlay

source /opt/dev/ros1/setup.bash

Build it

$ catkin build
Profile:                     default
Extending:        [explicit] /opt/dev/ros1
Workspace:                   /home/bearrito/dev

Compiles fine


source devel/setup.bash

ROS Package Path not being set correctly.

printenv | grep ROS_PACKAGE

ROSCD also takes me to the underlay not my overlay.

This is happening even if I create a new workspace and catkin init in that one.

Very similar to - roscd does not return a specific workspace after sourcing setup.bash. However those steps don't work for me.



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