I'm trying to build robot high-level control using FlexBE behavior engine

The task is to make robot to move through the list of waypoints. The project is on ROS 1, I'm using move_base package for navigation and move_base_state from repository

When starting my behavior getting the following output:

[WARN] [1703094334.163039]: Waiting for action client /move_base...
[ERROR] [1703094334.664775]: Action client /move_base timed out!
[WARN] [1703094334.667201]: Unable to send navigation action goal:
Cannot send goal for action client /move_base: Topic not available.
[INFO] [1703094334.670376]: State result: mb > failed
[INFO] [1703094334.688127]: State update: mb > failed

The thing is that move_base is already running and all the topics are available. rostopic list output:


How could I deal with this problem? I've already discovered a possible issue, but I still don't understand what the matter in my case



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