I am trying to control a closed kinematic chain in Gazebo 11 using ros2_control and gazebo_ros2_control. I know, that closed kinematic chains are not supported by URDF, therefore I've closed the loop via SDF injection. The models get loaded properly, so I wanted to control them using:


  <plugin filename="libgazebo_ros2_control.so" name="gazebo_ros2_control">
    <parameters>$(arg ur_simulation_controllers)</parameters>


<ros2_control name="${gripper_name} type="system">
    <xacro:if value="${sim_gazebo}">
  <!-- Joints -->

I tried to use a JointTrajectoryController for the control of the closed loop, but even before I send messages to the controller topic my gazebo server reports repeating warnings inside its log (.gazebo/server-11345/default.log):

[Wrn][Joint.cc:821] failed to find a clean set of connected links, i.e. this joint is inside a loop, cannot SetPosition kinematically.
[Dbg][Link.cc] we have a loop! cannot find nice subset of connected links, this link RG6_left_inner_knuckle connects back to parent wrist_3_link.

I think I'm not the only person using closed kinematic chains, since they are somewhat common in robotics (delta robots, grippers, etc). I also have found a video where someone is controlling such a kinematic loop, but in ROS1 according to the linked repository. Could someone point me in the right direction on how to achieve the controlled closed loop?


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Yes it is possible, I also use it. First recommendation: Update to a ROS distribution which is not EOL already.

Which interface are you using? (position, velocity,...) How many joints do you want to control? You only can control a single joint of the closed-loop kinematics, the position of the others will be solved by gazebo.

  • $\begingroup$ Sorry, it took me a while to come back to the question. I'm updating to Humble. For the closed-loop, I want to control the position of one of the joints (it is a OnRobot Gripper). What is your approach Christoph? $\endgroup$
    – NotARobot
    Feb 1 at 8:43
  • $\begingroup$ Model your kinematic chain as described here, add a single command interface according to your hardware (where your real actuator is located), and add optionally state interfaces to all joints of the kinematic loop if you wish. $\endgroup$ Feb 2 at 16:30
  • $\begingroup$ Then use the single command interface in any ros2_controller (position_controller, joint_trajectory_controller, gripper_controller, ...) $\endgroup$ Feb 2 at 16:32

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