Compiling a node with the following snippet and -Wfloat-conversion leads to the following:

component.cpp:24:56: warning: conversion from ‘double’ to ‘float’ may change value [-Wfloat-conversion]
24 |   float linear_acceleration_stddev = declare_parameter<float>("linear_acceleration_stddev", 1e-3f);

even if:

  1. I used float as template param
  2. I assigned as default value a float literal
  3. I am assigning to a float variable

What am I doing wrong?

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    $\begingroup$ Honestly, it looks to me like you're doing everything correct... there might be a conversion happening under-the-hood with the declare_parameter implementation, where they're going from the float you provide to a double, and then you convert that double to a float. If that's what's happening you may be out of luck, you might just have to stick with doubles or accept this warning. $\endgroup$
    – cst0
    Commented Dec 18, 2023 at 18:45

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All floating point Parameters end up being doubles under the hood - so your "declare_parameter" is basically being recast as "declare_parameter" - and then the implicit conversion from double to float generates the warning.

My suggestion would be to explicitly do the cast - which should get rid of the warning:

float linear_acceleration_stddev = static_cast<double>(declare_parameter("linear_acceleration_stddev", 1e-3));

As a side note - rclcpp will NOT do this automatic recasting the it is a vector (for instance, you can have a vector<double> parameter type - but vector<float> won't even compile). This very fun limitation is the sole reason I had once dug deep enough into rclcpp to be able to answer your question...


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