(really dontknow what to do) nothing i do is working issue is not because of pose estimate

using ubuntu 18.04 melodic i am currently trying to do amcl with my robot with a generated map from gmapping my map now cannot be spawned normally and the robot is alw at the corner , please help me , thankyou

my launch file:

<node name="controller_spawner" pkg="controller_manager" type="spawner" respawn="false" output="screen"
      args="limo_state_controller limo_fl_steering_hinge_controller limo_fr_steering_hinge_controller"/>

<!-- Robot state publisher for URDF visualization -->
<node name="robot_state_publisher" pkg="robot_state_publisher" type="robot_state_publisher" />

<!-- Joint State Publisher for the wheels -->
<node name="joint_state_publisher" pkg="joint_state_publisher" type="joint_state_publisher">
    <param name="use_gui" value="false"/> <!-- Set to true if you want to use the GUI -->

<!-- Use robot pose ekf to provide odometry -->
<node pkg="robot_pose_ekf" name="robot_pose_ekf" type="robot_pose_ekf">
    <param name="output_frame" value="odom" />
    <param name="base_frame_id" value="base_footprint"/>
    <remap from="imu_data" to="imu" />

<!-- Launch AMCL for localization -->
<node pkg="amcl" type="amcl" name="amcl" output="screen">
    <rosparam file="$(find limo_bringup)/param/amcl_params_omni.yaml" command="load" />
    <param name="initial_pose_x" value="0" />
    <param name="initial_pose_y" value="0" />
    <param name="initial_pose_a" value="0" />
    <param name="global_frame_id" value="map" />
    <param name="map_file" value="$(find limo_bringup)/maps/mylimomap.yaml" />

<!-- Launch RViz with the amcl.rviz configuration -->
<node name="rviz_amcl" pkg="rviz" type="rviz" args="-d $(find limo_bringup)/rviz/amcl.rviz" />

amcl_params_diff.yaml file: link

Picture of terminal when launching file: link

Image of Rviz : link

Link of TF tree : link

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