From the tutorial of gazebo garden here,

<sensor name="imu_sensor" type="imu">

I can see the tags that can be used in adding an IMU sensor. However, I am still not sure if the tags shown on that link are already the entire tags that can be used. Not only that, I also would like to know what tags can be used for other sensors as well e.g. Lidar sensor, camera sensor.

Where can I find the list of tags that can be used for each sensors available in Gazebo Garden?


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While writing this answer, I found that the Gazebo Sim sensor parameters are read through the SDFormat library, and hence all parameters are described in the SDFormat Specification, e.g. here for the imu sensor.

Long answer

For Gazebo Sim system plugins, the documentation is in the header files, see this previous answer for the references.

For Gazebo Sim sensors, it seems it's a bit more elaborate:

  • The sensors themselves are located in the gz-sensors repository.
  • If you read through the header and source files (e.g. ImuSensor.hh and ImuSensor.cc) you will find descriptions about the internal variables of the sensor,
  • However, whereas the gz-sim system plugins typically have a configure() in which parameters are read from the SDF, it seems that gz-sensors have little logic in their load() call (e.g. here) while the actual loading of the parameters from the SDF is deferred to the SDFormat library:

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