I am using gz garden to simulate a complex robot consisting of multiple components. I have already simplified with primitives the collision meshes, played with max_contacts but I keep getting low RTF (below 50%) and I would like to understand if any of the custom plugins I have written have problems or not.

How can I get data regarding the performance of the individual plugin (threads, memory, etc...) when I start my demo?

I saw on the documentation that a Profiler is available but I still don't see how it can be used with Gz garden.

Physics Settings

<physics type='ode' default='true'>

My distro is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and I'm working with Ros 2 Humble.



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I think the Gazebo Classic instructions are also valid for Gazebo Sim, as since Gazebo 11 the 'gz-common profiler' is used for both.

For Garden, you will have to interpret those instructions somewhat due to the rename of Ignition (ign) back to Gazebo (gz).

See also these official instructions for Garden.


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