I am trying to use RVIZ2 on Windows 10 with ROS2 Humble, without much success so far. Running (after activating local_setup.ps1):

ros2 run rviz2 rviz2

Returns with the message:

[ros2run]: Process exited with failure 3221225595

When running the executable directly:


I get no messages at all, but the exit code is -1073741701.

I can reproduce this with Windows Sandbox (although the numbers are slightly different), with a fresh and default install of Humble.

ROS2 is working normally and I have installed Qt 5.12.12.
What could be the problem here?


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For me, the solution was as Roberto said, but I also needed to copy some .dll files such as OgreMain.dll, OgreOverlay.dll, assymp-vc140-mt.dll, libcurl.dll, yam-cpp.dll, zlib.dll from C:/dev/ros2_humble/opt/{other folder}/bin to C:/dev/ros2_humble/bin and changing the name of the zlib.dll.


Partial answer already: I noticed that when I ran rviz2.exe directly from Explorer by double clicking I got a bunch of error dialogues about missing DLLs. Unsurprising, because it's missing the ROS2 environment.

So from the ROS2 environment I ran:

start C:\dev\ros2_humble\bin\rviz2.exe

(I did it without start ... before.) Now I got a meaningful error: I got a dialogue with a missing DLL for zlib1.dll. After searching I see that C:\dev\ros2_humble\opt\rviz_ogre_vendor\bin\zlib.dll does exist. So I created a symbolic link for the file zlib1.dll to solve this:

cd ...
mklink "zlib1.dll" "zlib.dll"

This fixed RVIZ2 on my PC!

In the sandbox I have more errors: "OpenGL 1.5 is not supported", but that is outside this scope.


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