I’m making a program, this program has a rclcpp::node and is running with several threads. In the main thread I have


this let me manage services and subscribe to topics but in other thread I am running

auto client = create_client<ConnectionCore>(service_name)
if(!client->wait_for_service(std::chrono::duration<long double, std::milli>(100)))
    auto result = client->async_send_request(request);
    rclcpp::spin_until_future_complete(node, result);

but I get

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
what():  spin_once() called while already spinning

which is very logical since the node is already spinning, but if my node is spinning how can I call a service?

I have already tried stuff like

client->async_send_request(request, [this](decltype(client)::element_type::SharedFuture future){
    //do stuff...
// wthout the rclcpp::spin_until_future_complete

but it doesn't enter in the callback. I have also tried to

auto result = client->async_send_request(request);
result.get() // and result.wait()
and this just blocked the thread and never get out.

I'm porting this code from ROS1 (where this was no problem) so I'm almoust sure there must be a good way to call a service and subscribe to topics at the same time since in ROS1 is posible, I'm just not sure how to do it.

(I have also thought about creating a second node just to call the service and then destroy it, but I think that is the ugliest possible solution)


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maybe this will help. i have used this to migrate my ros1 node to ros2 with the following code

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