I have a different process in my CPP node that writes a separate log file.

Right now, this log is written to a file in ros2_ws/log/additional_process.log but I would like to put that file in the specific ROS log folder of that run, e.g. ros2_ws/log/build_2023-10-09_8-51-26/additional_process.log.

Does anyone know how to get the specific run/build directory in CPP for every run/launch?


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I interpret your question as follows:

  • You know how to specify a custom log folder,
  • You have folders build, install and log from running colcon build in your ros2_ws workspace,
  • You currently specify ros2_ws/log/ as log folder,
  • However, you would like to log to the the latest build directory for your workspace instead (e.g. ros2_ws/log/build_2023-10-09_8-51-26/).

If this is correct, then the answer is to simply specify ros2_ws/log/latest or ros2_ws/log/latest_build as log directory, as these latest and latest_build are symbolic links to the latest build directory.

I'm not sure though what you mean with "get the specific run/build directory in CPP". In any case: you can retrieve the log folder through rcl_logging_get_logging_directory() or rclcpp::get_logging_directory().

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you! Adding something to the ros2_ws/log/latest solved the problem! The rclcpp::get_loggin_directory() returned ~/.ros/log/ which I did not intend to use. $\endgroup$
    – moschmdt
    Oct 9, 2023 at 13:26

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