I am searching for a working example of a gripper that can hold an object in Gazebo / Gazebo Classic. The example should ideally:

  • use a 1-DOF gripper with two fingers where one is mimicked
  • use Python for controlling
  • use only minimal number of libraries

I tried:

Slipping objects from the gripper in Gazebo seem to be a popular problem and I found some workarounds that basically attach the object/s to the gripper (vacuum or two fingers):

There is also an alternative approach that periodically sets the position of the object to make the object seem fixed.

I don't want to overcomplicate the project using extra Gazebo workaround code.

Finally Moveit2 contains a pick and place example, however this is based on C++.

Do you know a minimal basic example project of a gripper holding an object that meets my expectations?

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    $\begingroup$ Here is an example mentioned, as well as further references. $\endgroup$
    – JRTG
    Sep 13 at 20:51
  • $\begingroup$ Added the solutions in your link @JRTG $\endgroup$
    – geko
    Sep 14 at 11:34

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I believe the current state-of-the-art attaches the object to the gripper via Gazebo when the object is in proximity, so the ideal solution that I am looking for does not seem to exist. I will use the workarounds that I listed in my question.

I hope other solutions will be posted here in future. According to Jennifer Buehler in the Gazebo grasp fix plugin wiki solutions without workarounds may exist:

... It may be possible to get the robot to grasp the object still, by adjusting the material properties of object and gripper. ...

  • $\begingroup$ Is this an actual solution or an update to the question? If intended to be a solution, it seems a bit vague. $\endgroup$ Sep 14 at 11:17
  • $\begingroup$ It is an answer. I edited it. Is it clearer now @Greenonline? $\endgroup$
    – geko
    Sep 14 at 11:33

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