I'm trying to use the Isaac Ros Nvblox package with a Realsense D455 depth camera to create a costmap for Nav2. Everything on the Nvblox side works, but I'm a little confused on how to use their plugin with slam_toolbox. On top of that, when I add my own params file to my slam_toolbox command it doesn't look like it's doing anything. Even when I comment it all out, it runs normal.

I added this to the basic mapper_params_online_async.yaml following the Nav2 documentation. Is that how you would implement their plugin?

plugins: ["isaacros"]

  plugin: nvblox_nav2/nvblox_costmap_layer
  enabled: True

I'm running slam_toolbox with this command

ros2 launch slam_toolbox online_async_launch.py slam_params_file:=/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/params/mapper_params_online_async.yaml

Running 'pwd' in the params folder brings


I'm running this on a Jetson Orin Nano in the Nvidia Humble docker container

Currently the output in Rviz looks like this when I'm not running the Nvblox node. When I do run the realsense example the Nvblox node no longer works while I run the slam_toolbox.

Rviz slam toolbox output

But I should be seeing the 3D view of Nvblox with the their costmap below. The Nvblox docs show a view like this, which is my goal.

enter image description here

When this is talked about online, it's always in the context of using the IsaacSim simulator. The only thing I've seen of this being implemented on real hardware is in this video from Tinker Twins.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm pretty new to the Nav2 stack:)


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I'm not familiar with this particular package but my guess is that you're just not adding the meshes to rviz to be viewable https://github.com/NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_nvblox/blob/2c1654620fa358de74e47ed2919ff8fdc4ad51c8/nvblox_ros/src/lib/nvblox_node.cpp#L244-L254

I'm not sure what the comment on SLAM Toolbox is about - since the global costmap for planning and mapping for localization are separate concepts.


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