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Are there open source tools you like to use for manipulating and analyzing LiDAR data (.pcd, .las, .laz)? Generally the problems I am trying to solve are related to robotics.

Here's a list of features I am looking for preferably also having a GUI as an interface.

  • Labeling pointcloud data and their classes

  • Scale.ai (Commercial)

  • Segments.ai (Commercial)

  • Labelbox (Commercial)

  • Label Cloud

  • Manually adjusting LiDAR frames/entire sections (translations, rotations) with visualization/tools. Not just applying transformations via script.

  • Viewing the pointcloud data and in different modes (intensity, RGB, distance, etc.)

  • RVIZ

  • pcl_viewer

  • Cloud compare

  • Projecting LiDAR points onto an image or plane for creating 2D Vector maps

  • Tier IV

  • Tools to assist in auto-stitching lidar frames together to create a map

  • Converting between point cloud formats

  • PDAL

  • Comparing point cloud data files

  • LAStools

  • Cloud compare

  • General filtering, outlier removal, and manipulation

  • LAStools

  • pcl library

I'm sure I am missing other useful features and undervaluing some tools I listed above (pcl_library, LAStools, CloudCompare). I am a LiDAR newbie looking to deep dive into all that is wonderful with LiDARs and robotics!

Originally posted by xparr45 on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2023-03-02

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After trying out various tools, I really like using PDAL for quick conversions and downsizing of your pointcloud.

Cloudcompare has been very helpful for almost everything else and can do most of what PDAL does. HIGHLY recommend.

Originally posted by xparr45 with karma: 13 on 2023-03-06

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