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I notice that the slam_toolbox for ROS2 foxy does not publish the topic pose (https://github.com/SteveMacenski/slam_toolbox/tree/foxy-devel). I have confirmed it on my own virtual machine with the apt-get package. As far as I know, SLAM means mapping and localization. Where does the robot pose goes if the toolbox doesn't publish it? Can I get it from the TF?
May I use the pose map->Odom->base_link? Is it the same pose published on the pose topic for ROS galactic, humble and rolling?

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Yes, you can see here on the picture below, where the robot info goes.

image description

Yes, you can get it from /tf topic.

You can read more about the state estimate here, in Nav2 documentation:

The goal of odometry is to provide a smooth and continuous local frame based on the robot's motion. However, it will drift over time as errors accumulate.

On the other side, transformation map->odom can "jump" between values, but is usually more precise - it is provided by the positioning system (localization, mapping, SLAM).

I don't know about any differences between the mentioned versions of ROS2 (Foxy, Galactic, Humble) - the interface is really similar or overall the same.

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