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Hello! I'm working with moveit in ros melodic and a Hyundai robot. When I generated the robot files I found a file labeled cartesian_limits.yaml as show below:

  max_trans_vel: 18
  max_trans_acc: 20
  max_trans_dec: -30
  max_rot_vel: 15.7

Is it possible to set cartesian limits with moveit?

I want the robot to not move outside a defined box. Something like:

x_min_limit = -0.4
x_max_limit = 1.5

My Hyundai robot has this function and I want to implement it in the simulation to avoid wierd paths.

Is it possible to set this kind of function in cartesian_limits.yaml file?

Originally posted by mth_sousa on ROS Answers with karma: 35 on 2022-07-08

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Nope, that cartesian_limits.yaml is for velocities and accelerations and it's only used for the Pilz motion planner. We probably should rename that file to make it more clear - thanks for the reminder.

On ROS2 Rolling or Humble you can use constrained planning to do what you want. Tutorial here:


To be honest I'm not sure if the "constraint manifolds" planning works in ROS1. Probably not Melodic since it's quite old now.

Originally posted by AndyZe with karma: 2331 on 2022-07-08

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Comment by AndyZe on 2022-07-08:
I would also recommend trying the PRM* planner rather than the default RRTConnect. RRTConnect is fast to plan but it produces wild paths often.

Comment by mth_sousa on 2022-07-08:
Thanks for your answer! I will check PRM*


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