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I am using the ROS2 Galactic and Nav2 stack with Python Simple Commander in a Gazebo simulation (Ubuntu 20.04).

How can I pause (and later resume) the robot's movement while navigating?

E.g. TB3 is moving along a planned path through an intersection. I want to pause its movement using a kind of trigger, wait a few seconds, and then resume the previous navigating plan.

I checked Simple Commander API but I didn't find a similar command that could be used in a similar way that I would like.

I can try to work around this problem by saving the current position and the goal pose, then canceling the task with 'cancelTask()' + resuming the task with goToPose(), but maybe there is a better solution? Could you help me with some hints?

Originally posted by ljaniec on ROS Answers with karma: 3064 on 2022-04-25

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I think we clearly went through this in the ticket. You could definitely write a wrapper on some functions for an application to save info like pose / goal and have that be used to send to the main navigator APIs. But that's mostly just shifting code around.

Originally posted by stevemacenski with karma: 8272 on 2022-04-26

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Comment by ljaniec on 2022-04-26:
Yes, chronologically that question was there first, only later did I fill out the feature request.

TL;DR; cancelTask() + goToPose() to the same position is the way to go.


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