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I would like to know how to use rosbag2 (CLI, launch file, SequentialWriter) with option to choose where rosbag2 will be saved.

  1. with CLI:

ros2 bag record /chatter -o ~/rosbags_folder

I can easily use the -o option there.

  1. with launch file like this:

    from launch import LaunchDescription from launch.actions import ExecuteProcess

    def generate_launch_description(): # recording all topics with ros2 bag record return LaunchDescription( [ ExecuteProcess( cmd=["ros2", "bag", "record", "-a"], output="screen", ) ] )

How should I change it so that's after the -a in cmd I can have -o with an argument given during launch, e.g. cmd = ["ros2", "bag", "record", "-a", "-o", MyAwesomePathSetThroughTerminal]? Or should I rather use YAML files with parameters like in this tutorial: https://roboticsbackend.com/ros2-yaml-params/ for this?

  1. With this code from ROS Documentation (Recording a bag from your own node (Python))

    import rclpy from rclpy.node import Node from rclpy.serialization import serialize_message from std_msgs.msg import String

    import rosbag2_py

    class SimpleBagRecorder(Node): def init(self): super().init('simple_bag_recorder') self.writer = rosbag2_py.SequentialWriter()

         storage_options = rosbag2_py._storage.StorageOptions(
         converter_options = rosbag2_py._storage.ConverterOptions('', '')
         self.writer.open(storage_options, converter_options)
         topic_info = rosbag2_py._storage.TopicMetadata(
         self.subscription = self.create_subscription(
     def topic_callback(self, msg):

    def main(args=None): rclpy.init(args=args) sbr = SimpleBagRecorder() rclpy.spin(sbr) rclpy.shutdown()

    if name == 'main': main()

Where can I change the default options inside SequentialWriter etc. so it change saving place from ./ to some_global_or_local_PATH/ (path set in the outside code)? I can workaround it with setting uri='my_bag' to uri='/some_PATH/my_bag', but it feels like cheating. Is there a better option?

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Comment by ljaniec on 2022-03-29:
I think maybe some answer from this question could help: https://answers.ros.org/question/363763/ros2-how-best-to-conditionally-include-a-prefix-in-a-launchpy-file/ but I will look into it later


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I have somewhat solved my problem with use of this hack:

ros2ws_dir = "/".join(get_package_share_directory('bag_recorder_pkg').split('/')[:-4]) 
# it gives e.g. /home/user/ros2_ws/

Then in the code of I give in __init__ of SimpleBagRecorder uri equal to timestamp + ros2ws_dir + "/rosbags/". It saves the bag in my ros2_wsin the folder rosbags/.

Originally posted by ljaniec with karma: 3064 on 2022-03-31

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