I didn't found any modules to charge my 11,1 volt LiPo akku, only for 3,7 volt with 5 volt power supply. How can I handle that with a micro-USB connector on my robotplatform?


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What exactly are you trying to do? You have an 11.1 volt, 5000mAh battery pack. That is, you have a (11.1*5)V-Ah battery pack, or a 55.5 Wh battery pack.

A micro USB connector can safely pass 9W of power, meaning it would take (55.5Wh/9W) = 6h10m to charge, assuming you could perfectly utilize all of that power.

You should consider instead either:

  1. Take the batteries out of the vehicle to charge, or
  2. Put a proper battery charger on your vehicle and use a different connector than micro USB.

I'll warn you that LiPo batteries are notorious for catching fire if they are not properly charged.

There are plenty of integrated circuits that will charge a LiPo battery, but again, I don't think you'll find one that simultaneously uses a micro USB input format to charge a battery of the style that you have because it would take so long.

Trying to hack your own circuit together to get what you want is needlessly dangerous.


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